Tricia Stewart Shiu

Welcome to my Essential Oil Store! I have carefully chosen only the purest, therapeutic essential oils to include in my essential oil store. All of these oils can be used along with the Gatekeeper's Guide Rituals. 

The Gatekeeper's Guide: To Ancient Essential Oils and Rituals come in either audio or ebook and are individual three minute mini-retreats that deliver wisdom beyond measure.These beautifully simple recordings of rituals divine ancient wisdom to bring your dreams to life! Each ritual has been taken from “Moa,” the first book in the YA SciFi Fantasy Mystical Adventure “Moa Series,” which is narrated by an Ancient Hawaiian spirit, Moa. 

Easy to follow imagery brings the esoteric to you. Your power lies in your intention to: Release Embedded Fear, Remove Obstacles, Divine Angelic Guidance and Unearth Your Intuition. Each ritual includes a do-it-yourself recipe for a unique essential oil blend. 

*Disclaimer - The oils or rituals are in no way meant to cure illnesses or medical conditions. Seek professional help if you have medical concerns. 

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