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    March Ritual

    March Ritual

    Removal of Obstacles
    “I see the light to my divine path.”

    No one enjoys an obstacle. Unless, of course, you really don’t want to get to wherever you’re trying to go. This month’s ritual is about asking the very thing that stands between you and your desires for a divine message. You may be surprised at what information your obstacle has for you or not. Either way, you’ll be able to see beyond that which has been blocking you. As the ritual says, "Freedom is yours." You just have to ask.

    Ritual: Removal of Obstacles
    Oil: Base of Kukui Oil – Geranium, Melissa, Clove
    Incense: Sage
    Incantation: “I see the light to my divine path.”

    Find a place where you will not be interrupted. Light the sage and sit while the smoke surrounds you. Anoint your third eye with the oil. See your biggest obstacle in front of you. Now, examine it from every angle. How big is it? What color? What shape? What feelings does it evoke? Then, it delivers a message. Your obstacle’s job is done. Bid it farewell and watch it dissolve into a puddle, absorbed by the earth, where it will be recycled into love.

    Freedom is yours. Breathe in love. Know that your divine path is acknowledged and that you may now proceed as planned.

    The oil to supercharge your ritual this month is Clove. Pay close attention to the messages your receive for the 24 hours following your ritual and always use a carrier oil (almond, grapeseed or avocado) when using this highly potent essential oil.

    Tricia Stewart Shiu is a 25 time award-winning author, speaker, and metaphysical intuitive. Author of the award-winning YA, SciFi,Mystical Adventure, MOA SERIES & the GATEKEEPER'S GUIDE SERIES featuring 3 minute mindfulness recordings.


    The Simple Supercharging Power of Essentail Oils

    Essential Oils have been used for centuries in ceremonial rites, to shift emotional burdens and to heal disease. The Egyptians, Chinese and Indian people used essential oils holistically and did not distinguish use for medicinal, spiritual or cosmetic purposes. Some common oils still in use today were used in antiquity: cassia, frankincense and myrrh.

    I actually started out as a skeptic about aromatherapy and essential oil use and wrote it off as a little too “woo woo” for my taste. If I had a headache, no amount of peppermint oil was going to change a thing. Then something amazing happened. 

    I’d been on a money manifesting retreat with an amazing instructor, Dena Crowder, and a relative stranger essentially reminded me about a long forgotten gift I had for creating individually calibrated, powerful, proprietary essential oil blends.

    It sounds like quite a stretch to go from skeptic to believer, but here’s what happened: Throughout the month-long money manifesting virtual seminar, I kept hitting up against a block. Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to get a handle on it. Then a woman I’d just met from the group, Jamie, emailed me to say she’d sent me a surprise gift. 

    Time went by, the seminar ended and the package got lost in the mail. After a month of tracking it down, I received message that the found package was ready at my local post office for pick up. When I opened the package I was intrigued to find a New Moon Essential blend with a kind note. 

    The minute I smelled the oil, I knew it was for me and when I dabbed the oil on my wrists I felt something release. It’s hard to explain, but it felt like something new opened up for me. Later, I would learn more about new moons and new beginnings, but whatever this block was seemed to disintegrate. As I drove home, I realized that I’d received the package a day before the new moon! 

    Time went by and I could not get enough of this oil. I kept putting it on and smelling it and then I decided I wanted to make my own. If I loved this so much, why couldn’t I create other blends that I could wear and feel good all the time?

    So, I started buying what felt right for me. I began to ask my intuition what oil was needed for a certain circumstance and blend the oils together. The most curious thing about creating the oils was how my intuition matched with the spiritual properties of the oils.

    The final test came when, after making oils only for myself, I shared a thank you essential oil blend with Dena and watched her open the lid to my carefully personally calibrated oil. She smelled the oil then immediately acknowledged how well it fit for her.

    Since then, I’ve created hundreds of oil blends, deepened my studies on aromatherapy and used them in countless transformational meditations and rituals with great success. I will be forever grateful to Jamie (we’re still good friends) who gave me that oil and sparked my curiosity and eventual passion for learning.

    Years later, I created a series of transformational rituals in the Gatekeeper’s Guide Series available in either audio recordings or ebooks.

    You can read more about how essential oils work in rituals in my post “The Power of Ritual.”

    If you’re interested in creating your own personal oil blend you can buy 100% Pure Essential Oil here

    Tricia Stewart Shiu is a 25 time award-winning author, speaker, and metaphysical intuitive. Author of the award-winning YA, SciFi,Mystical Adventure, MOA SERIES & the GATEKEEPER'S GUIDE SERIES featuring 3 minute meditation recordings.


    The Power of Ritual


    What makes a ritual powerful? Intention.

    We all perform rituals every day: from making the morning coffee to driving to buying groceries or even to going to the dentist. Here’s what happens: We say we’re going to make the coffee, we make the coffee and then we drink the coffee.

    How is that a ritual?

    1.    It starts with an intention: “I am going to make the coffee.”
    2.    The intention is followed by an action: Making and drinking the coffee.
    3.    Completion: You feel energized by the coffee. 

    To take this a step further, say you want a new job, but don’t feel qualified. By performing a ritual to remove the energetic obstacle between you and the new job, you create a new path to receiving information about how to achieve your go and stand a much better chance of getting that job.

    You can listen to my ritual, “Removal of Obstacles”  to get a sense of how my rituals work. 

    Rituals sometimes are repeated, but don’t have to be and one thing is an absolute, they are a part of everyone’s life. So why not make them count? The above example sounds like mindfulness and, in fact, you could make coffee in a mindful way, however, ritual takes mindfulness a step further.

    By practicing a ritual once, you can change your life in immeasurable ways. If you continue that practice on a daily or weekly basis, you deepen and strengthen the transformation. 

    If you have any questions about how rituals work or even about the specific rituals just go to the About/Contact section and send me a message.

    Remember, the most powerful part of your actions is your thoughts. Remain positive and you exponentially create success in your life.

    Tricia Stewart Shiu is a 25 time award-winning author, speaker, and metaphysical intuitive. Author of the award-winning YA, SciFi,Mystical Adventure, MOA SERIES & the GATEKEEPER'S GUIDE SERIES featuring 3 minute meditation recordings.


    And Then I Remembered



    When I was five, I was visited by a vision. I’ll never forget it, I was running down the stairs and the entity, a girl with dark hair, stopped me in my tracks. The spirit said that I would go through a deeply challenging time in my life, but would resurface, later in life, with unimaginable joy and fulfillment. That vision stayed with me. In middle school, I would sit quietly at my desk adding up the years to figure out exactly when my life would turn around.

    Around that same time, my grandfather returned from a business trip from Japan with a unique gift—a genuine lovely kimono. It was far to big for me, at the time, and I imagined what the beautiful red fabric covered in ribbons of orange yellow and green flowers would look like on my future self.


    And then I forgot. I moved to Los Angeles after college, somehow that kimono made it into the mass of clothing I put in the back of my red Toyota hatchback. I got busy, my work and then, many, many years and moves around the city later, the stress of family life took over and I was completely overwhelmed and in desperate need of a vacation. My husband, daughter and I decided to go to Hawaii.

    When the plane landed in Honolulu, I remember feeling the difference in the atmosphere as I disembarked. The air made me somehow, remember that there was a part of me that knew…something…what was it?

    Never mind, I was in Hawaii it was time to see the sights! So, I sped off to see Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach and then headed home for an afternoon nap before an evening luau. As I drifted toward sleep, I heard my name being called. In my mind’s eye, I saw a beautiful young woman with dark hair, who said her name was Moaahuulikkiaaakea’o Haanaapeekuluueehuehakipuunahe’e—Moa for short.

    And then I remembered.

    Boy, did I remember. That final experience sparked a spiritual journey that continues to this day. In fact, the event and subsequent interactions with Moa (oh yes, they continued) opened the door to my writing the entire Moa Series (MOA, STATUE OF KU and IRON SHINTO).

    It’s a little scary putting myself “out there” and I have found a world-wide kinship in my sharing my truth through storytelling. Honestly, there have always been things I have known before they happened ever since I can remember. I used to write it off as a fluke or coincidence. I was skeptical until that incident in Hawaii with Moa, which essentially upended my complete understanding of how the world works, why I’m here and what I’m here to do.

    Even as I write this, I am positive that some people, including close friends will be utterly shocked that I’m writing about and including myself in such an esoteric subject matter. I learned from a very young age, that it is much better to keep anything strange or unusual which is seen, heard, felt or sensed, to myself.

    Funny, though, like anything else you try to hide, it comes out in other ways. People know that something is up, they just can’t figure out what and so everyone’s more uncomfortable than if it was just stated clearly.

    During my journey of spiritual discovery, I received a degree in Psychology, studied mediumship, healing arts, energy work and discovered all kinds of interesting things about myself, like sometimes I know things that I couldn’t possibly know, I intuit information and blurt words out that only make sense to the person receiving them. Another interesting phenomena is that I can create healing essential oil blends as well as Mindfulness Meditation Rituals so anyone can find the answers to those burning questions.

    My biggest lesson throughout the years of metaphysical studies has been that we all possess these gifts, and much more, to some degree, and I have dedicated the rest of my existence to spreading that message. As frustrating as it is to hear, we all have the answers to those burning questions, deep within us and if we find them, we find our truest form of self expression.

    So, in my own truest form of expression, I decided to clean out my closet. I’d been meaning to for quite some time and felt an urge to purge. It took me several days of looking at it, eyeballing my cramped dressing area, overstuffed shelves and drawers before I could even make a dent. Finally, I pulled out the first shirts and gathered a momentum, sorting through pants and blouses and dresses—it felt so good! Then, at the tail end of my dresses, I stopped short. There was the red kimono. Maybe it was time I thanked that little dark-haired girl for visiting me all those years ago.

    This robe has traveled across the US from closet to closet over my life. What if this is more than a New-Moon-closet-cleaning-energy-burst? What if this is my destiny? What if there’s more to my truth than I’ve ever imagined? A thrill ran up my spine as I slipped the robe on and tied the sash—it fit perfectly! She did say that I would go through a deeply challenging time in my life, but would resurface, later in life, with unimaginable joy and fulfillment.  What if, indeed.

    Tricia Stewart Shiu is a 25 time award-winning author, speaker, and metaphysical intuitive. Author of the award-winning YA, SciFi,Mystical Adventure, MOA SERIES & the GATEKEEPER'S GUIDE SERIES featuring 3 minute meditation recordings.



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