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    The Simple Supercharging Power of Essentail Oils

    Essential Oils have been used for centuries in ceremonial rites, to shift emotional burdens and to heal disease. The Egyptians, Chinese and Indian people used essential oils holistically and did not distinguish use for medicinal, spiritual or cosmetic purposes. Some common oils still in use today were used in antiquity: cassia, frankincense and myrrh.

    I actually started out as a skeptic about aromatherapy and essential oil use and wrote it off as a little too “woo woo” for my taste. If I had a headache, no amount of peppermint oil was going to change a thing. Then something amazing happened. 

    I’d been on a money manifesting retreat with an amazing instructor, Dena Crowder, and a relative stranger essentially reminded me about a long forgotten gift I had for creating individually calibrated, powerful, proprietary essential oil blends.

    It sounds like quite a stretch to go from skeptic to believer, but here’s what happened: Throughout the month-long money manifesting virtual seminar, I kept hitting up against a block. Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to get a handle on it. Then a woman I’d just met from the group, Jamie, emailed me to say she’d sent me a surprise gift. 

    Time went by, the seminar ended and the package got lost in the mail. After a month of tracking it down, I received message that the found package was ready at my local post office for pick up. When I opened the package I was intrigued to find a New Moon Essential blend with a kind note. 

    The minute I smelled the oil, I knew it was for me and when I dabbed the oil on my wrists I felt something release. It’s hard to explain, but it felt like something new opened up for me. Later, I would learn more about new moons and new beginnings, but whatever this block was seemed to disintegrate. As I drove home, I realized that I’d received the package a day before the new moon! 

    Time went by and I could not get enough of this oil. I kept putting it on and smelling it and then I decided I wanted to make my own. If I loved this so much, why couldn’t I create other blends that I could wear and feel good all the time?

    So, I started buying what felt right for me. I began to ask my intuition what oil was needed for a certain circumstance and blend the oils together. The most curious thing about creating the oils was how my intuition matched with the spiritual properties of the oils.

    The final test came when, after making oils only for myself, I shared a thank you essential oil blend with Dena and watched her open the lid to my carefully personally calibrated oil. She smelled the oil then immediately acknowledged how well it fit for her.

    Since then, I’ve created hundreds of oil blends, deepened my studies on aromatherapy and used them in countless transformational meditations and rituals with great success. I will be forever grateful to Jamie (we’re still good friends) who gave me that oil and sparked my curiosity and eventual passion for learning.

    Years later, I created a series of transformational rituals in the Gatekeeper’s Guide Series available in either audio recordings or ebooks.

    You can read more about how essential oils work in rituals in my post “The Power of Ritual.”

    If you’re interested in creating your own personal oil blend you can buy 100% Pure Essential Oil here

    Tricia Stewart Shiu is a 25 time award-winning author, speaker, and metaphysical intuitive. Author of the award-winning YA, SciFi,Mystical Adventure, MOA SERIES & the GATEKEEPER'S GUIDE SERIES featuring 3 minute meditation recordings.

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