Tricia Stewart Shiu


    February Ritual


    “My aims are pure. My intentions are good. I trust my intuition.”

    It’s so easy to let our circumstances dictate how we feel and what we do. This month, I’ve chosen a special ritual to create a whole new way to view the world, to let go and trust yourself.

    If you’d like to know more about what rituals are and how they work read my post “The Power of Ritual.”

    Each of us has at least one divine gift to remember. The moment we wake up and retrieve the memory of who we are and what we are here—on earth—to do, the adventure begins.

    That adventure is contingent on one thing and that is self-trust. If you do not trust yourself, then no matter how hard you try or how far you get, you’ll never quite believe what’s happening to you and the trip will be much less enjoyable.

    You can listen to my three-minute Self-Trust ritual and do the visualization and words by themselves right here.

    To supercharge your ritual, I’ve chosen one essential oil to amplify your process—Basil you can click here to buy. Basil uplifts the spirit, opens awareness and deepens trust. It should not be used during pregnancy.

    As you listen to the recording, remember, your intention is the most important part of any ritual and whether or not you follow the recipe by using the exact essential oils or incense is entirely up to you.


    Tricia Stewart Shiu is a 25 time award-winning author, speaker, and metaphysical intuitive. Author of the award-winning YA, SciFi,Mystical Adventure, MOA SERIES & the GATEKEEPER'S GUIDE SERIES featuring 3 minute mindfulness recordings.


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